What I’ve Been Working On

What I've Been Working On Collage

Y’all, the past ten days I have gone Pinterest project crazy. My plan is to get around to showing you my renditions of the Pinterest projects I decided to attack but here’s a quick preview of my inspirations that I actually completed! Go me!

Spinach Muffins Baked up a batch for me a batch for family
spinach muffins

Magnetic Scrabble Board for me(!) but also in use for a Couples Shower
magnetic scrabble board

Crockpot BBQ Beer Pulled Chicken An easy lunch for us this past weekend
crockpot bbq beer pulled chicken

Orange and Dark Chocolate Biscotti Food for family
orange and dark chocolate biscotti

Bobby’s Lighter Blueberry Muffins (no pictures from this go-around, although this is my go-to BB muffin recipe…for now!) Food for family
lighter blueberry muffins

My version of a famous couples print for a Wedding Shower
famous couples print

Picture Frame to Chalkboard for a Wedding Shower
picture frame to chalkboard

Framed Silhouette Pictures for a Wedding Shower
framed silhouette pictures

Painted open frame with pictures for a Wedding Shower
painted open frame with pictures

Spray Painted Initials for a Wedding Shower (hubby’s a pro at this thanks to our “EAT” in the kitchen and “WASH” in the laundry room)
spray painted initials

My take of a frame for writing down quotes from my toddler
frame for quotes

My version of ‘Mint to Be’ shower favors (I’m loving everything about this shower)
mint to be favors

What I chose to do instead of the popular birdcage card holder for a wedding shower
card holder
Obviously, I had some reasons to get my craft on with a couple’s shower and some family and friends in need of meals. But I just love knocking things off my Pinterest to-do/bake/create list.

I’ve probably spent enough money at Goodwill to last awhile and actually got tired of stopping by Hobby Lobby (I didn’t know this was possible!) and seeing all their Christmas decorations up. I’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure. I’m really pleased with myself to have squeezed so many projects in my busy schedule and did not have any catastrophes from chasing two little girls and their desire to “help”. And I appreciate all the help my husband provides as my spray painter.

What have YOU worked on lately? Was it a project you pinned? An original inspiration? Those pamphlets on the aisles at Hobby Lobby and Michaels provide great ideas, too! Please share!!

White Skirt, Print Top

Life has been crazy the last couple of months! We tried to enjoy summer with the girls as much as possible with frequent trips to the pool and spending as little time at home as possible. Both myself and the husband have been doing some traveling and have had weeks with looong work hours. I hope that things are letting up some.

This is an outfit I wore to work a couple times during summer. Long sleeves is appropriate for my freezing cold office but would not be an option when outdoors for more than a walk to the car.

floral top whtie skirt


Top: Gap, old (similar)

Belt: A’gaci, old (similar)

Skirt: Target, old (similar, similar)

Shoes: Gap, old (very similar, love these)

DIY Garden Markers

With the completion of a recent craft project, I had some extra wooden shims lying around. You can find these at your local home improvement store (in the wood section) for less than $5 for about 40 shims.

Before heading out to the garden to plant my vegetables, I grabbed the shims and some colorful permanent markers. At the sight of momma’s markers my oldest excitedly announced she would also love to help.  As I wrote the name of each item to be planted in the garden, she also did some scribbles on the shims which seemed to appease her. I’ve learned that if there is even a minute, boring task she could do (with none-to-little assistance) with one of my projects or even with daddy’s “projects” (helping air up mom’s car tires or change the self-propel chain on the lawn mower), she will jump at the opportunity.


Garden Markers

My garden marker shims have been outside for two months now and seem to be holding up just fine. I have not had to adjust them and while the lighter markers have lightened even more in the sun, you can still decipher what is written.

Garden Markers 2

Garden Markers 3

Turns out it was an easy project with some simple, cheap, leftovers found around the house. Yay for spunking up my garden a little bit! Now c’mon, veggies…grow, grow, GROW!

How have you labeled plants in your garden? I have seen so many creative ideas on Pinterest!

Packing kids for a trip

Months ago, we asked my mom to watch our two girls for 9 days while my husband and I take a trip to Maui in May. We knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk for her – even though she raised four kids. Getting the girls out of bed each morning, fed, dressed, and to daycare by 7am is a tall order. My husband and I rarely do this by ourselves, having each other for great support and assistance in our chaos, and I knew mom would be doing it mostly sans help (my dad leaves early in the morning and is home late during the week).

It was crucial that I pack my girls as simply as possible so Mom would not have to fumble through a mound of clothes trying to come up with an outfit for each girl.

My solution was Ziplock bags. I had an outfit for each day of school (shorts, shirt, socks) and packed it in a Ziploc bag that read:

child’s name

type of shirt and shorts  (I only did this because we were still having a couple cold spells mixed with super warm days)

daycare outfit

packing kids 1

I packed a total of 7 of these bags for each child – for the 7 days of school they would be attending while we were out.

Next I packed a bag full of enough undies for the time they were to be at Grandma’s and extra socks for my oldest. Labeled: “Eva underwear and extra socks”

For the weekend I packed one bag that included 4 shirts and a couple shorts (noting to mom that she would need to wash some shorts that were used during the school week) for my oldest and a bag of 3 or 4 outfits for the one-year old.

I packed one “church clothes for girls” bag including a dress and shoes for each girl.

Lastly, were the jammies. Our girls wear their pajamas for two nights in a row (barring they weren’t drenched with morning cereal milk). So I packed a bag for each girl including four pairs of PJs that were to be worn over the eight nights they’d be at Grandma’s.

Luckily Grandma’s house is stocked with baby wash, towels, baby and toddler friendly utensils, toys, books, so none of those items needed to be packed. I had a small bag with food and medicine that Grandma had not purchased in preparation for the trip (which was great of her). We did include their favorite nighttime items. In the end, we brought a carry-one and one small paper shopping bag for their stay at Grandma’s. Easy. Low-maintenance. And I assured mom I did not need all the clothes back in the baggies…I would be glad to sort everything out when we returned.

Packing Kids 2

There were a total of about 20 baggies with clothes. It proved to be a successful way for Grandma to easily grab a separate bag each morning to get the girls ready for the day. While I have not had to use this method for a trip we have all taken together, I think it will definitely be something I do in the future to ensure a neat suitcase and quick recognition and resolution of the everyday problem, “What do I put on the girls today?”

Something else that was imperative for their stay at Grandma’s was an outline of our daily routine, eating habits, nighttime schedule and other miscellaneous important information.

Mom had important information already documented and in her phone: Daycare number, pediatrician number. We also left a very informal, signed, note giving her permission to take our children to a hospital for assessment and treatment, if needed. I’m not sure if this really mattered under the circumstances but it was something simple we did, just in case.

Have you found a simple way to pack your kids for long trips?