DIY Magnetic Scrabble Board

This is one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest and knew I wanted to create one day.


Back at the end of September when I was Pinterest project crazy I decided to finally tackle this DIY.

Rather than making the frame itself, as in my inspiration, I wanted to see if I could find a frame that would fit the bill and then go from there.

During the month of September, I might’ve made a dozen trips to a variety of Goodwills around town. Oops. I picked up quite a few frames for different projects. For this particular Scrabble project I wanted to find a larger size frame (enough to fit 200 scrabble pieces and not looked cramped) , with something more than just a flat frame. I spotted a framed chalkboard calendar (similar to below) that looked the perfect size and had a design to the black frame.


Eyeing the back of the frame, it had simple metal framing tabs and therefore would be simple to remove the actual chalkboard and slide in my metal sheet. At Home Depot I picked up a metal sheet that would need to be cut down to the size of the frame.

To my surprise, Goodwill did not have dictionaries in stock. I made a trip to Half Price Books, where there was a plethora of dictionaries, and was able to pick one up for a few bucks.

As with my inspiration source, I ordered my scrabble pieces and tiny magnets from eBay.

All supplies gathered and arrived, it was time to start this project.

My husband carefully trimmed the metal sheet to fit the frame. Lucky for us the original chalkboard could still fit in the frame with the metal piece to ensure a snug fit and provide support the metal sheet (no need for a piece of plywood like my inspiration). Win!

I tore out random pages from the dictionary and began mod podging a small section of metal at a time to place the pages in a row, as a base layer. After the initial layer of pages dried, I went back and glued more pages at diagonals, overlapping each other and some pages coming over the sides of the metal sheet. This gave it a more haphazard look. I did do a final spray of satin clear coat over the entire sheet. After it dried, I placed it in my frame and secured with the metal framing tabs.

Next up was some major glue gun action as I glued one of these tiny, strong, magnets to the back of my scrabble pieces. Some magnets flew off to stick with other magnets as I was doing this process (these little babies have a lot of attraction) which just meant re-gluing. No problem.

Frame ready, scrabble tiles ready, project complete!

diy scrabble board

I am so pleased with how it’s turned out! I brought over the scrabble frame for the bridal shower I helped throw in September and everyone had fun coming up words related to the couple. I love that it has a bit of a vintage feel thanks to the dictionary pages. I still am not sure where to put it in the house. The girls are a little too rough with it when it’s on the floor so I need to find some appropriate wall space for this one. It’s such a fun piece!

Easy Spinach Muffins

Life! I work in the field of public health and Ebola temporarily took over my life for a period of time – thus the lack of posts. Things have slowed and I’ve been dying to put something up on the blog. Thanks for hanging in there!!


“What’s with the green muffins?” was my first response when my sister set these on the table for  breakfast when we were visiting earlier this month. I was intrigued more than anything when she said they were spinach muffins. I popped one of the green cuties in my mouth and I loved them!

Do you buy those plastic containers of spinach? Each time I buy one I think I’ll go through it in no time. But no, you grab a handful of spinach for a salad and it seems like that spinach just multiplies back! How is this possible…the never ending supply of spinach. They pack those things full! Needless to say, I usually always have a surplus of spinach. So a few weeks later when I was on a salad frenzy and looked at my spinach supply in the fridge and realized I had a little too much, I decided to make these mini muffins myself.

This is a super easy recipe and while I was really hoping the husband and kiddos would gobble these up, they did not. If I put some chocolate chips in, they probably would’ve gobbled them up. I can’t add chocolate to everything, guys. I grab three every morning to enjoy at work as breakfast. So easy, so yummy, and it makes me feel pretty good I’m getting some more green in life!

Set your oven to 350 F and let it warm up. Then, put your applesauce, egg, vanilla, spinach (I packed in a heaping 1 cup), sugar and vegetable oil in a food processor and puree. This mixture will be quite liquid-y and thin.

Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out

Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out

Mix your dry ingredients together and then add the spinach puree to your dry ingredients. The mixture will be much more dough-like with the addition of the dry ingredients.

Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out

Put about a heaping tablespoon into your mini muffin tin. This dough really just rolled off the spoon with a gentle push with my finger. Usually, I’m dripping and dropping batter/dough all over the place and making a mess. Look at my muffin tin – no spillage! Loved how easy this was.

Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out Spinach Muffins - An easy and healthy muffin to grab on your way out

The muffins go in the oven for about 12 minutes. I pulled my second batch out a minute earlier. Look at these cuties! Oh, you don’t have a serving plate of your alma mater?? It really classes things up, amiright? ;)


What I’ve Been Working On

What I've Been Working On Collage

Y’all, the past ten days I have gone Pinterest project crazy. My plan is to get around to showing you my renditions of the Pinterest projects I decided to attack but here’s a quick preview of my inspirations that I actually completed! Go me!

Spinach Muffins Baked up a batch for me a batch for family
spinach muffins

Magnetic Scrabble Board for me(!) but also in use for a Couples Shower
magnetic scrabble board

Crockpot BBQ Beer Pulled Chicken An easy lunch for us this past weekend
crockpot bbq beer pulled chicken

Orange and Dark Chocolate Biscotti Food for family
orange and dark chocolate biscotti

Bobby’s Lighter Blueberry Muffins (no pictures from this go-around, although this is my go-to BB muffin recipe…for now!) Food for family
lighter blueberry muffins

My version of a famous couples print for a Wedding Shower
famous couples print

Picture Frame to Chalkboard for a Wedding Shower
picture frame to chalkboard

Framed Silhouette Pictures for a Wedding Shower
framed silhouette pictures

Painted open frame with pictures for a Wedding Shower
painted open frame with pictures

Spray Painted Initials for a Wedding Shower (hubby’s a pro at this thanks to our “EAT” in the kitchen and “WASH” in the laundry room)
spray painted initials

My take of a frame for writing down quotes from my toddler
frame for quotes

My version of ‘Mint to Be’ shower favors (I’m loving everything about this shower)
mint to be favors

What I chose to do instead of the popular birdcage card holder for a wedding shower
card holder
Obviously, I had some reasons to get my craft on with a couple’s shower and some family and friends in need of meals. But I just love knocking things off my Pinterest to-do/bake/create list.

I’ve probably spent enough money at Goodwill to last awhile and actually got tired of stopping by Hobby Lobby (I didn’t know this was possible!) and seeing all their Christmas decorations up. I’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure. I’m really pleased with myself to have squeezed so many projects in my busy schedule and did not have any catastrophes from chasing two little girls and their desire to “help”. And I appreciate all the help my husband provides as my spray painter.

What have YOU worked on lately? Was it a project you pinned? An original inspiration? Those pamphlets on the aisles at Hobby Lobby and Michaels provide great ideas, too! Please share!!

White Skirt, Print Top

Life has been crazy the last couple of months! We tried to enjoy summer with the girls as much as possible with frequent trips to the pool and spending as little time at home as possible. Both myself and the husband have been doing some traveling and have had weeks with looong work hours. I hope that things are letting up some.

This is an outfit I wore to work a couple times during summer. Long sleeves is appropriate for my freezing cold office but would not be an option when outdoors for more than a walk to the car.

floral top whtie skirt


Top: Gap, old (similar)

Belt: A’gaci, old (similar)

Skirt: Target, old (similar, similar)

Shoes: Gap, old (very similar, love these)